July 20, 2023 - 3 min read
July 20, 2023

What Do I Really Need to Buy for Baby #2?

What to Buy for baby #2

Are you pregnant with your second child and wondering what “new” things you need to buy, if any? 

Especially if you’re pregnant with the same gender child. Well, that’s me! In addition, I have two sets of hand me downs from my niece and nephew, so what do I really need to buy to feel prepared for baby #2?

    Hand Me Down Clothing and Swaddles  

Bottles and breastfeeding

I’ve read in a few places that it’s important to replace the nipples on your previous child’s bottles as they can lose their durability and make it harder for a new baby to drink from. 

I also read this can happen to breast pump parts as well as pacifiers. So I will inventory what I have and assess which items need to be replaced. I’ll also buy a new bottle cleaning brush just for sanitary’s sake. Pacifiers and bottles were a challenge for us for our first little buy, but my friends like the MAM Baby Pacifier and Comotomo or Dr. Brown’s Bottles. I used the Spectra and the Elvie Breast Pumps for my first go around. 

I breastfed my first baby for 11 and a half months and at various times through that experience we needed to supplement with some formula, so I definitely plan to have that on hand. Bobbie formula worked best for us the first time around. 

Bath time

As for bath time, we’ll do sink baths until this new baby’s umbilical cord falls off and will likely use gentle Vanicream soap for the first few weeks. I also like this cradle cap brush.

Vitamin D drops

Medicine Cabinet

Infant medications are scary! Moms on Call has an amazing list of which ones to keep in your bathroom for all of the “just in case” scenarios, all recommended by medical professionals. I will also buy new Vitamin D drops for this new baby. *Bumpdate offers an exclusive 10% discount through our app for all Moms on Call products. Download the app to access this perk!

Baby Electronics

The remaining big ticket items are electronics. We currently use the Nanit baby monitor for our toddler and they have a dual screen feature, so we will buy another one of those to make it easy to watch both kids on the same app screen that we are already familiar with. We also use the Hatch sound machine, so we’ll buy another one of those. 

Gift for your current child from the baby

I have also been given the same advice from my veteran mom friends, to have the new baby “gift” a toy to my toddler upon their first meeting. Some ideas include a soccer ball, stickers, a game, or something your kid is currently into. 


As for self-care, I’ll have these oh-so fashionable disposable underwear and pads on hand. Postpartum is no joke. 

Then of course, diapers for the baby.

As for things I already have and plan to use, here is a list below, followed by a summary of the items I plan to buy new. 

Folded Clothing by age 

Essentials that I already have and plan to use:

Hand me down clothing and swaddles


Bassinet sheets


Changing pad


Breast Pumps

Infant car seat and stroller

Dock a tot

Baby Bouncer

Playmat for Tummy time

Baby carrier 

Essentials that I plan to buy:

Vitamin D drops


Formula as back up (planning to BF but you never know!)

Infant medications (Moms on Call has a helpful list in their 0-6 book)

Infant safe bath soap

Cradle cap scrub brush


Sound machine

Baby monitor compatible with our toddlers camera app

Replacement breast pump supplies

Replacement nipples for bottles

New bottle cleaning brush

Gift from new baby to our toddler 

Disposable underwear (a.k.a. Adult diaper)

Good luck to all the soon-to-be parents out there! 

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First chid holding positive pregnancy test


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