March 21, 2024 - 2 min read
March 21, 2024

I’m Expecting! How Do I Make a Baby Registry?

I’m Expecting! How Do I Make a Baby Registry?

If you’re expecting (first of all — congrats!!) and you’re not sure how, or where, to start making your baby registry, you’re not alone!

It can be seriously overwhelming. You may be wondering what website to use, which items to add, and how to distribute your registry link, especially if you aren’t having a baby shower. 

As a first time parent it’s hard to know what items you will need for your baby and for yourself. Yes, I said for yourself! Those products can go on your registry as well. It isn’t just “baby items”. There are plenty of items you will need for yourself that will be extremely useful as you recover from birth, feed your baby, and feel prepared to travel around with your sweet little one.

I’m Expecting! How Do I Make a Baby Registry?

Here are three main questions we get asked, and asked ourselves, about making a baby registry. 

1. “What website do I use to create my baby registry?” 

The main two baby registry websites are Babylist and Amazon.

Babylist is a website made solely for the purpose of creating baby registries. It allows you to create a list of items from any website you want all in one place. It is similar to Zola for wedding registries in that way. If you add items from other websites, your friends and family will be directed to that website to purchase the item you selected, and then request that they return to Babylist to mark it as “purchased”. You can add items from boutique websites, larger stores like Pottery Barn, Target, Crate & Barrel and even Amazon. It will display prices from all websites the item is available for purchase on, which is a really great little feature. 

Amazon also allows you to create a baby registry list from items found only on, which is basically all the essentials you will need! Amazon also rounds up their top sellers

2. “How do I know which items to add to my baby registry?”

There will be pregnancy items, postpartum items, baby items, and a lot of other gear you can add. 

Babylist Recommendations, view friends registries and product recommendations from their Bumpdate profile or take a few of our personal baby registry favorites for 2024.

3. “How do I distribute my registry link, especially if I’m not having a baby shower?”

Bumpdate was created specifically to connect you with your village while you’re expecting a baby and as your family grows. Create your profile, add your Babylist, Amazon or any registry link into your profile and connect with your loved ones! They will be able to see details like how far along you are by weeks and days and even get notifications on how best to support you during this wonderful, exciting but also nerve wracking time. 

The app is available for both iOS and Android users. Download for free here! We wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy full of lots of love and support.


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