April 04, 2024 - 2 min read
April 04, 2024

Favs from Amazon to Sprinkle a 2nd Time Mom

2nd time mom with her son

So now you’re a seasoned mama, right?! Or you are gifting (aka sprinkling) a mama who is getting ready for round 2.

She knows what she likes and what works (mostly) for her and her family, sans the things this baby will like that her other baby didn’t, and the reverse. I feel like every mom has those stories about how they bought that trendy expensive swing that their baby hated, but who knows…maybe baby number 2 will love it!

I went through my actual amazon orders from the first year of having 2 kiddos and compiled all my favs into one place from items I’ve gifted other mom friends to ones I purchased for myself.

You can browse all of my favorite amazon items!

Favs from Amazon to Sprinkle a 2nd Time Mom

I included things like my favorite baby products that I can never have enough of like honest soap, nēmah stretch mark cream, medicines, diapers, wipes, Sophie the famous 100% Natural Rubber giraffe teether to things for the 2nd time mom herself like nontoxic beauty products, snuggly pjs like fancy eberjey or some close dupes and even self-care items like a top of the line blow dryer so mama can dry her hair in lightning speed because every second counts!

I tried to cover it all and thought about my daily essentials and the small daily items I use each and every day that any 2nd time mom would love to be gifted!

… I tried to cover it all so enjoy!! Congrats to the mamas expecting #2!

Click here to explore my favorite Amazon finds as a 2nd time mom!


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