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Stay Up to Date!

I love being able to stay up to date with my friends/family’s pregnancies! No more having to ask 100x throughout the pregnancy how far along someone is or when their due date is. I also love I can see when an upcoming appointment is so I can check in! I wish this had been around when I was pregnant 🙂


Friends due dates!

The easiest way to look up your friends due date and how many weeks since it’s so hard to remember them all!


Remember Kids’ Birthdays

Really like having a quick reference to my friends’ kids’ birthdays! The calendar feature is very helpful. Thanks!


Cannot recommend it enough!

It’s a wonderful app that has it all! A calendar to add your your appointments, so you and your family never forget again. Place to add pictures to share with everyone at once. You can even add a link to your registry if you have one and if you don’t, then don’t worry you can always make it on the app too! Just fabulous, so thoughtful 😊 ❤️ my favourite baby app so far. Above all easy to use x

-Julia N

Feel connected to friends and remember birthdays!

My wife invited me to join the app and truth be told I wasn’t too interested. However, after a few weeks & getting some of my mates to join I’m now a big fan. It keeps you informed of your friends pregnancy’s, birthdays (both kids & adults), and it even allows you to set reminders. I no longer have to open FB to see who’s birthday it is, as Bumpdate sends me a notification! Even though I don’t have a family of my own yet, the app allows me to feel connected to special friends around me that do.

-Storm MacLennan

Great app to track my loved ones pregnancies!

I often use it to check how far along they are and upcoming appointments!

-Amanda Gibbons

Helps me keep track!

Love the idea of being able to keep track the important dates and milestones of my pregnant friends and family!

-Laura Haskell

Privately share exciting updates

Great way to privately share exciting updates with those that matter…. And only those that matter!!

-C Ditto