December 06, 2023 - 2 min read
December 06, 2023

Love-A-Mama Holiday Gift Exchange

Love a Mama Holiday Gift Exchange

Bumpdate is finding ways to bring joy this holiday season with a “Love-A-Mama Holiday Gift Exchange” on our Instagram @bumpdateapp. Give us a follow!

Mamas give love every day, but they need it too! We are looking for moms to participate in a holiday gift exchange. 

All you have to do is buy one gift and send it to a fellow mama. (We will send details of who to send it to and how to keep it going in a private message).

You will receive multiple gifts in return. They will be favorite items from mamas all over!

The way it works is moms who respond to our IG story with “IN” get a DM of details on how to participate so you can receive your gifts.

Love a Mama Holiday Gift Exchange Instructions

We were inspired by a similar concept for a children’s book exchange and after receiving dozens of books we thought it’d be nice to do something like this for moms during the holidays.

Budget is whatever you want! We created an Amazon list of ideas if you are looking for inspiration. Please include a gift message that says “I am sending you a gift participating in the “Love-A-Mama This Holiday Season” gift exchange.”

Shoppable items for Love a Mama Holiday Gift Exchange

DM us your receipt and we will match it for a donation to Postpartum Support International and Evermore Blooms. These are two special organizations that support the mental health of those experiencing prenatal and/or postpartum depression (PPD), loss, and more. One of our missions at Bumpdate is to improve the rates of maternal mental health conditions by providing a tool to increase social support for these individuals.

We hope our community and all those trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum, have experienced loss, or more, know they are not alone. Join our Gift Exchange and send them something special.

Happy Giving!! Xx


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Gabrielle Iorio Sylk is the founder of Bumpdate. She is a mother, wife, and caring friend. Gabrielle uses her tech background and innovative skills to foster Bumpdate’s growth and bring people together during the most beautiful and challenging times in their lives. She lives on a farm in New Jersey with her husband, son, daughter, dog and the many woodland creatures who live in their backyard.



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