June 15, 2023 - 3 min read
June 15, 2023

Karrie Locher’s Tips for Pumping Mamas

Karrie Locher and Baby

Karrie Locher is changing the game of parenting by providing how-to’s, survival tips, and education on all thing’s babies, breastfeeding, pumping, and postpartum care. 

Karrie Locher’s Tips for Pumping Mamas will surely help guide you through some of the toughest days as a new mama. Karrie is a mom of four, a postpartum and neonatal nurse, and a certified lactation counselor. When she had her first baby she thought bringing him home would be a walk in the park. Spoiler: It wasn’t. Karrie Locher is changing the game of parenting through her creation of “Karing for Postpartum“, a resource she wished she had. She combined her years of experience as a mom/baby nurse with her own personal experience raising four babies to help you feel confident and capable throughout this crazy journey called motherhood. 

She uses her training as a postpartum expert, registered nurse, and her personal experience as a breastfeeding and pumping mother of 4 to showcase what to do and what not to do.

She tests out products herself and shares which one’s work, how to identify certain issues on our babies, on ourselves, and troubleshoots solutions so we don’t have to. 

She also stays up to date on the latest AAP and CDC guidelines and informs us when there is a major change. Her homegrown tips for breastfeeding mamas are foolproof and save us time we don’t have. She tells it straight and we are grateful.

Milk Storage Tips

Karrie’s instagram is full of self-tested, mom-to-mom content that’s universally relevant ranging from engaging videos, explanations, steps, examples, and easy to digest information to help carry us through the throes of parenthood.

Some of Karrie’s pregnancy and parenthood topics include: how to prepare for birth, postpartum essentials, pumping 101, teething, tongue ties, cradle cap, nighttime feedings, bottle refusal, diaper bag prep, identifying hair tourniquets, implementing routines, managing clogged ducts, and so much more.

We grabbed some of Karrie’s basic (and extremely helpful) tips for pumping on the go. 

Breastmilk Storage Tips

We hope you find Karrie Locher’s Tips for Pumping Mamas to be helpful. Be sure to follow along on her website and Instagram for more tips! 

Karrie Locher’s 10 Pumping Essentials to Pack When on The Go

  1. Pumps (electronic and handheld as back up) and a small bag of extra parts
  2. Milk catchers/shells in case you miss a pumping session
  3. Breastmilk storage bottles and extra freezer bags just in case
  4. A lunchbox cooler with freezer packs or a thermos with a separate ice compartment
  5. Cleaning Supplies or Baby Safe Wipes for when you don’t have access to a sink
  6. Wipeable mat for dribble
  7. Items to label bottles with date and time of pumping session (tape and a pen/marker)
  8. Hair tie

Friendly Reminder: Milk can be safely stored for 24 hours in a cooler with an ice pack.

Pro-tip: Fridge Hack: If you store your used pump parts in a fridge or cooler bag, you don’t have to clean them between uses! The same milk storage rules apply here.

Karrie Locher Breastfeeding

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