June 22, 2023 - 3 min read
June 22, 2023

Expectful: The Care Moms Need

The Care Moms Need

Moms need reassurance during pregnancy.

So many apps tell us about our babies, but very few actually give us the care moms need. They tell us what size our babies are, what organ is developing, why we are having certain symptoms, and what to expect during our pregnancies. These apps reassure us that our baby is progressing, that she might have hair or that she is kicking us because she’s awake, or not kicking us because she ran out of room in our crowded bellies.

This reassurance carries us through pregnancy and educates us on the biology behind the constant changes and fears we encounter, especially in our first pregnancies. But what else are we looking for? What about our mental health?

Positive Pregnancy Test

Expectful app – the care moms need.

There is one app that stands out from the rest, one that provides resources and meditation videos to help ease our stress and anxiety as our brains and bodies adjust to growing a human. Expectful is an app to help support our mental health and well-being by providing evidence-based resources for moms. They call themselves a haven of holistic care for the healthiest, happiest moms and babies because women need more than just an education on our changing bodies, but on our minds

Expectful App

First-time mom.

As a first-time mom who had her baby during the pandemic, I can speak for many out there who never went to a birthing class, a Lamaze class or any type of support program during the worldwide shut down. We were left to our own devices – literally, to Google and prepare for birth and parenthood through online resources. I relied on non-verified reddit pages and various websites to tell me how to calm my anxieties and which workouts to do to keep me and my growing baby healthy.

I actually pulled a muscle in my abdomen during my second trimester from doing a “pregnancy safe” Youtube workout video that caused me discomfort through the rest of my pregnancy. If only I knew to rely on verified and pregnancy approved platforms to find ways to move my body.

Now that I am pregnant with my second, I feel better knowing I have reliable resources as my fingertips. 

Pregnancy safe workout videos and mindful meditation. “Every moment is a fresh beginning”.

Expectful is a mental health app for before, during and after pregnancy and has all of this information in one place. They offer vetted, pregnancy safe videos on demand for strength training, meditation, yoga and stretching. They provide answers to basic pregnancy questions and topics, weekly support plans, a homepage that shows how many weeks and days pregnant you are and a much-welcomed daily affirmation. Today’s affirmation is, “every moment is a fresh beginning”.

As a post pandemic generation, we are programmed to rely on technology for communication, resources, and answers to all of our questions. The expectful app is the safe space all of us pregnant “googlers” have been looking for to find verified, safe, and helpful resources we so desperately need to support our mental health. 


Reducing stress during pregnancy.

Expectful encourages their users to pause, focus on their own needs, and find moments to meditate. The goal is to reduce stress, anxiety and depression to improve our physical and emotional health during this special time in our lives. This is something we could all use a bit more of. As someone who struggles with sleep and has never tried a meditation app before, I can personally say this app is changing my life. I press play on a meditation as I get cozy in my bed at night and I’m asleep within 15 minutes. This is especially important as my two year old son wears me out while pregnant!

Mom and Son

Expectful is offering a 30 day free trial for new users so you can try it out before committing. Take the first step towards bettering your mental health and check it out. 

For more on supporting and prioritizing mental health, read 4 Brands To Support You Through Motherhood.


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