April 28, 2022 - 3 min read
April 28, 2022

Twins Birth Story

Our perfect babies are here! 🤍🤍

Loyal Nickolas (boy) 6lbs 9oz

Lyric Love (girl) 5lbs 2oz

I was 38 weeks on the dot when I went into labor finally!

Our hearts grew two sizes that day! I’m in complete heaven and cannot believe these two are ours 🥰

I’ve never experienced the most magical, special and spiritual moment and the most horrendous potentially life alerting moment just minutes apart.

Loyal was born at 9:57 he was head down and came out so easily- in just three pushes! They laid him on my chest for a few seconds before we had to get back to work on getting baby girl Lyric here. One of the doctors did a quick ultrasound and told the doctor delivering she was still head down! (Yay! Perfect position!) I started pushing and she wasn’t budging. My body started contracting, her heart rate dropped so the doctor tried to just reach up to get her out ASAP. She tried for 10 minutes with various methods but nothing was working.

I knew something was wrong by the look on the delivering doctor’s face.

She looked at me and said “I’m sorry we are going to have to do this another way, and fast” to which I remember thinking and responding with, “oh no, are you going to have to extract her by her feet?” She told the team behind me to prep for a C-section (C/S). I didn’t know if the baby was okay or what was going on. I was completely freaked out and terrified for the C/S, which I thought I had mentally prepped for the last 8 months. I started begging them not to do it not knowing the severity of Lyric’s situation.

From the time Loyal was born, 15 minutes later Lyric was cut out of me.

That’s how quickly this all happened. They started poking me asking if I could feel the knife and I kept saying “yes, yes, yes” they upped my epidural but that takes time to kick in which we didn’t have. They had to get to work and I felt everything. It was by far the most painful and scary experience of my entire life. Finally I heard “she’s here, she’s out!” So they put me under. We had to wait because we couldn’t put more stress on her.

I learned later that when babies are in distress for extended periods of time, they test the umbilical cord to see the impact of oxygen deprivation.

If the level is below 7.0 at that point they have brain damage. Lyrics level was 7.1. If she would have been in me for 30 seconds longer we could have had a very different outcome. The doctor told me once we were in recovery she’s been delivering babies for 15 years and this was the first time she’s ever had to do a delivery this way (vaginal AND cesarean). I’m so, so grateful she’s okay. She’s perfectly healthy now. She’s our warrior princess. We had some guardian angels in the operating room yesterday.


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Bailey Louie was born and raised in Arizona and now lives in Idaho with her husband and 3 children. She has 3 kids all under 17 months old: Legend, Loyal and Lyric. Follow her journey on her blog at baileylouie.com and her Instagram @baileylouie



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