June 30, 2022 - 4 min read
June 30, 2022

Finding Postpartum Peace by Cleaning Out Your Closet

After having a baby, new parents can find themselves in a world of chaos and sleep deprivation.

A surprising way to regain a small sense of self control is a good closet cleanout. The common reaction to this is, “I just gave birth! I don’t have time for this daunting task!” This is how many of my clients feel before they make a commitment to this project. I’m Amanda, a personal stylist, and I’m here to offer some quick tips to make this seem possible.

I have personally witnessed the weight being lifted off of new parents shoulders when this project is complete.

One small thing they can control, that brings them peace in the transitional phase of postpartum. Something to do just for themselves, so the next time they think about their growing to do list, or the next time they walk into their closet, they can feel a sense of achievement and calm that wasn’t there before. After all, they might feel like an entirely new person, and a closet cleanout might help them grasp that new person they are becoming.

This applies to parents in all stages of life; a parent to an older child or children, a parent who just sent a child off to college, one who might still have maternity clothes tucked in the back of their closet that’s been pushed aside for years. This is the moment to make space for a new chapter.

One of my very first clients, a woman named Helen, expressed to me the weight she felt lifted after going through and detoxing her closet. She explained how refreshing and therapeutic it felt to find a sense of order and control over something in her life. As a first time mother, feeling so many emotions at once; an overwhelming sense of love for her new child, yet, sometimes off-putting thoughts would creep into her mind. She felt the need to keep her mind preoccupied.

From cleaning out her closet, she found peace, an immense sense of accomplishment and a complete zen feeling that she had not expected.

She was so happy with the peace she found that she ended up doing her entire house. Through this experience, she found she had not only made her home more functional and beautiful, but she had made it the home she had wanted. In reflection, she realized she had unknowingly, but purposefully, thrown away limiting beliefs, old memories, old habits and stress that she was holding onto in her closet and in her house. I will never forget the transformation I saw in Helen; the beaming happiness, the glow she now had! I felt so blessed to have been a small part of her new found joy.

Through this story of my client Helen, always remember, the only way you can take care of others, is if you take care of yourself first!

You are allowed to take care of yourself, spend a little bit of time on you, and no, you do not need to have it all done or under control all of the time. You are only human. Amazing and beautiful, but human.

If you want to embark on your own peace achieving closet detox journey; here are a few tips for cleaning out your closet.

Step 1: Make a Style Plan

  1. This is where I start with each of my clients before we jump into their wardrobe edit. It is a great way to get excited, see where their style direction is going, and provides a guide on what to keep in their wardrobe and what to get rid of.

  • Look at Pinterest, magazines, and think about your style icon for inspiration

  • Save each of the looks you love to a blank working doc; a great place is Canva

  • Of the looks you have saved, group them into categories, such as: lounge, smart casual, date night and/or business – whichever categories apply to your lifestyle.

     Here is an example to get you started from my client Becki:

Step 2: The Clean-out

  1. Go through each piece in your wardrobe and evaluate:

  • Does it reflect your style plan?

  • Are there stains, rips, holes, etc?

  • When was the last time you wore it?

  • Does the piece make you happy when you wear it?

  1. Create labeled piles:

  • Toss/donate

  • Keep

  • Maybe: Put the “Maybe’s” in a box. If you have not gone into the box in 6 months, let the items go.

Step 3: Create a Shopping List

  1. As you go through your wardrobe:

  • Note the items you need to add in to achieve your new look

  • Note the items that need to be replaced

  • Add in quality basics that will stand the test of time and be the foundation of your new wardrobe

  • If you are newsly postpartum, here are some ideas:

Step 4: Re-Organize

  1. Now that you have the new pieces, it is time to integrate them into your wardrobe:

  • Obtain uniform hangers (This will make a huge difference in the look of your closet)

  • Hang your pieces per type (the categories you created earlier) and color

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Now, stand back and take a look at your accomplishment and the stress you have lifted! Also, you have some new fabulous pieces to style up and have some fun with!

If it feels too daunting to take on a project like this on your own (even though I know you can do it), please reach out to us at The Haute Edit. We have so many different ways to support moms-to-be, new moms and experienced moms in helping them feel good about their space and wardrobe. Mention “Bumpdate” for a special offer exclusively for our readers.


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Amanda Wood is a personal stylist and owner of The Haute Edit. She is led by a warm heart and a fierce determination to invoke your best self through carefully curated fashion choices.



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