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December 21, 2022

Emily Ironi: The Dairy Fairy

Dairy Fairy: breastfeeding and pumping bra

New to breastfeeding

How do you know what the best breastfeeding and pumping bra will be for you? When you are pregnant for the first time, the idea of breastfeeding, pumping, and feeding your baby is simply that, a very foreign concept. It’s impossible to know the depths of how you will feel, who you will become, and what your baby’s needs will be until you’re in the moment. Those frozen seconds, minutes, and sometimes days full of anxiety and fear wondering when your milk will come in, if your baby is eating enough, the moment they latch onto you, onto a bottle, or that first moment you hear the gentle hum of a breast pump as you get milked in a way that is far too similar to milking a cow. 

The Dairy Fairy was born

Thankfully, there are women out there who have been in our shoes, or in this case, our bras, who have dedicated their lives to anticipating our needs before we even know what they’ll be. That is exactly what Emily Ironi did 6 months after giving birth to her daughter Arden, when she put her heart into her second labor of love, The Dairy Fairy. She wanted nursing and pumping mothers to feel beautiful during this experience, to feel supported and to have a bra they could wear as they transition to this new motherhood role while maintaining a sense of self. We applaud all nursing bra companies for their missions, and Emily takes it one step further: to offer innovative lingerie that is size inclusive, feminine, and functional. The Dairy Fairy created the best breastfeeding and pumping bra that you don’t have to switch in and out of; one you can wear all day long. 

Bumpdate Blog Dairy Fairy

“The making of a memoir”

Emily’s road to motherhood began at the age of 38 after an unexpected divorce from her husband. She always wanted to be a mom, and took matters into her own hands by securing a sperm donor and beginning IVF treatments. As anyone who has experienced a similar journey knows, this decision requires strength, love, patience, and longing. During this process, Emily also lost her father, and her pregnancy became a bittersweet one knowing he would never meet his future granddaughter. Emily calls her journey, “the making of a memoir” to which she will one day write. 

Bumpdate Blog Dairy Fairy

Breastfeeding mama’s needed more support, and a better bra!

Fast forward to the time after her beautiful daughter was born, Emily prioritized breastfeeding. She learned the age-old lesson that it is not as easy as it seems, and also felt her nursing bras were more of a “contraception” than a comfort in an already uncomfortable time of postpartum. With a prior career in handbag design, Emily used her skills to create The Dairy Fairy, a brand providing ingenious intimates for mama’s milk, and became the mother to not only Arden, but to all the breastfeeding mama’s out there. 

Feel better about your body

The Dairy Fairy aims to help postpartum moms feel better about their bodies. Not only do they provide the best breastfeeding and pumping bra you don’t have to switch in and out of, the brand also works with domestic and international organizations and retailers that provide support and education for breastfeeding mothers, such as the San Diego Breastfeeding Center, and has participated in events such as Latch On to support and celebrate breastfeeding. 

Perk for Bumpdate Readers

If you or someone you know is breastfeeding or pumping, head over to their site to purchase any bra at 10% off using our exclusive code: BUMPDATE10.

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For another personal journey about breastfeeding, read The Last Feed, by our founder Gabrielle Iorio Sylk.

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