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Q&A With a Mom of 2 Under 2

We were lucky enough to only try for 3 months the second time around so having 2 under 2 will always remain an honor and blessing in my mind. 

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6 Natural Ways for Moms to Combat Sadness and Low Energy

The other night I googled “How to get energy back?” And then I googled “How to stop feeling depressed?” Depressed is a scary word to label yourself as and who knows if it’s ever actually that or not, but I knew I was definitely in a funk. And I knew there were natural things I could be doing to help combat my sadness and low energy that I wasn’t doing.

5 Things I Would Tell My Postpartum Self
5 Things I Would Tell My Postpartum Self

Postpartum is a beast where your mind, body and soul are forever changed.

Friendships in motherhood mom and baby with her friend
Friendships In Motherhood

Friendships in motherhood is a weird thing. It’s almost like as I’m getting to know myself better, I am also getting to know my friends better or perhaps in a different light.

Interview with a baby nurse - Mom and dad holding infant
Interview with a Baby Nurse

I was fortunate enough to be able to hire a baby nurse to help us for the first few weeks after my second son was born. As hard as it was for me to come to this decision, hiring our baby nurse ended up being one of our greatest decisions.

My last feed I had with our daughter when I weaned her (right before my PWD).
Nursing, Grieving, Pregnant and Healing: My Journey with PWD

I’ll never forget my OB saying “Stacey, I’m sorry. But I really recommend you stop breastfeeding to give this pregnancy an extra fighting chance”.