Birth Stories

Room 301: Birth Story
Room 301: My Birth Story as an L&D Nurse

Room 301: My Birth Story as an L&D Nurse.

Mom holding baby in her arms
Turning Pain into Purpose: My Motherhood Journey

My journey to motherhood was painful. When all else failed, we pursued surrogacy to build our family. I experienced firsthand how wildly complicated the entire process of surrogacy is and I was determined to simplify the journey for others so I created Surrogacy Simplified.

Freebirth Baby Cord
Freebirth – A Free, Beautiful and Unassisted Birth Story

Freebirth – A free, beautiful and unassisted birth story. I birthed my daughter at home, without medical assistance.

The instinctive side of labor
The Instinctive Side of Labor

A step by step account of the instinctive side of labor and this unpredictable birth story.

Emma Blog Cover: What I learned from the birth of my first child
What I Learned From the Birth of My First Child

A mother of 2 reflects on what she learned after the birth of her first child and how it is okay to ask for help.

Michaela Knight: An Unmedicated Birth Story

My eyes were closed my entire labor