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Chloe Gillette (@chloegillette_) lives just outside of Los Angeles, CA with her husband and son. Chloe is an online mentor for moms, helping them find their purpose outside of motherhood. Chloe pivoted from business coaching, to specifically focusing on moms after becoming a mom herself and realizing the emotional challenges and hurdles that many moms face, yet very few talk about. Chloe is also the founder of an online community ( where moms can connect, receive support, feel heard and understood on all things motherhood. 
Community favorites Postpartum
Community Favorites: Postpartum

We asked our community what items they recommended most during their postpartum season, and here is what they said!

Community Top Picks for Feeding Baby
Feeding Baby Products: Community Top Picks

Deciding how you will be feeding your new baby can be a lot. Whether you are breastfeeding, pumping, or using formula, it can feel like a lot of pressure to decide which products are best to feed your new baby (and which products they will like)! Here is a list of the top 2023 picks from our community to support you in your feeding journey.

Product Highlight: Baby Registry Favorites

Pulling together a baby registry is hard! We surveyed our community to get a round up of favorites. Add these must haves to your baby list!

Thoughts of motherhood
Thoughts of Motherhood

I am in the trenches of motherhood. I want to be done nursing, I want my body back but I KNOW I will miss this. I will miss these moments so much. When will my life feel like mine again? Will the “old me” ever return? Will I ever like “me” again? Who even am I, now? When will it get easier?

Pregnant Chloe Holding Her son
13 Ways Being a Mom Has Changed Me

What if the purpose of motherhood is to give you an opportunity to be a whole new person?

Chloe feeling fulfilled
My Decision to Start Working Again

Becoming a mom forces you to find a new version of yourself and this version of me without a career was someone that took a lot to get used to.