December 28, 2021 - 2 min read
December 28, 2021

10 Tips From a New Parent: Diapers & Changing Table Setup

Things I Wish I Knew

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is a wonderful and exciting time. When I was pregnant, setting up my baby’s nursery felt surreal. Making decisions for someone I haven’t met yet, who’s favorite color is based on mine mixed with a little imagination, getting lost in thought as I folded tiny baby clothes that couldn’t possibly fit because they’re so small. It was unimaginable how I was going to gently push his fragile arm through the small hole that I traced with my pregnant and swollen finger, getting lost in thought about who he might be and what he might look like. I spent hours in his room trying to predict his every need. It was euphoric.

I had minimal experience with babies, and wish I had a list of tips and tricks to help better prepare me for these little scenarios.

So, with just 8 months of parenting under my belt, here are some things I learned that I wish I knew sooner. Today’s tips are for diapers and setting up your changing station if you have one. 


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Tyler Sylk


Tyler is the Creative Director at Bumpdate. She is a first time mother with a passion for creative writing and personal connection. With a Master’s Degree in Public Health and over 10 years working in hospital settings, Tyler focuses her energy on helping those around her and empowering them to use their voice. She believes we can all learn from each other if we take the time to listen.


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  1. Christa timpano

    Love this!! It was so helpful to have diapers within arms reach! We also have a pail outside with a lid, for those stinky diapers we take them right out!

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